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United States and Africa Relations:The Obama Presidency is a creative chronicle and compilation of history between The United States of America and Africa, with a special focus on the Obama Administration’s eight-year engagement with the continent’s leaders and peoples.

The narrative of this 300-plus-page book is primarily based on the 4 Pillars of the Administration’s strategy toward engagement with sub-Saharan Africa that was signed and issued by President Obama in June 2012 - Strengthen Democratic Institutions; Spur Economic Growth, Trade and Investment; Advance Peace and Security; and Promote Opportunity and Development.

Using both human and national interest stories, it highlights key initiatives and US-Africa partnerships, includes important presidential and governmental statements, speeches, White House Fact Sheets, historic photographs, and follows the trajectory of bilateral and multilateral relations wherever it leads. United States and Africa Relations: The Obama Presidency is a treasure to individuals and professionals involved in international affairs, as well as those who have a basic interest in the subject. The book’s uniqueness lies in its simplicity in sharing information on bilateral and multilateral relations.

It was jointly published by AMIP News and The Africa Society.

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